A Happy Meal For You When You're Dead

by Aaron Leclerc



released August 4, 2015

Written, recorded, and produced by Aaron Leclerc at West Oak Recording in Kent, OH.



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Don't Need to See You Leave
I don't need to see you leave
I will get the same relief.
Now's the perfect time to see,
bleeding doesn't help you breathe.
Track Name: Lotus
To the core you are the lotus to my men
captivating, you are drawing them in.
California, I am in and in is dead.
To the world I am the only one instead.

You remind me of the day that I found out
that it takes two to make something that stays.
Dare I say children.

We were swimming in the deep end and now
I can't even tread water or float.
Dare I say sinking.
Track Name: Compact Refrigerator
I've got a mini fridge, and you've just got your mind.
What about all the things you've been hiding?

I'm a compact refrigerator,
you have gone back, save it for later
we have never been so wrong.

This has gone bad,
no forgetting these, we're comrades.
Jump into the leaves and wait for day to come.
Track Name: Finding Warm
You are the fire that's been keeping me warm,
straying away the dangers of harm.
Soon I will sleep, and the embers will cool.
Leaving me shivering to a world that is cruel.

I long to feel the rise and fall,
a steady sleeping chest
as i lie awake, pretend to sleep
upon your heart-side breast.
Track Name: Vicariously Hurting at the Expense of Your Sunburn
It's the stash of peach rings
you left lying in my closet.
As I look at them, i miss you
more than I could ever stomach.

You're getting sunburn
so why does it burn me?
Please come home to me
and end this misery.
Track Name: Heaven and Hell
Why do you think so many mammals go extinct?
How do you know just where your neighbors aught to go?
How do you explain? Guess it's just the name of the game...
Track Name: Coffee
See how I run
how I sit
how I talk
about it.

Dark grounds I hate
want and take.
Won't you break
without me?
Track Name: We Would Have Killed That Woman
I've been picking up rocks,
I only work out my arms.
I always carry my sling-shot,
look for skull-crushing stones.

It's funny how it works,
first you rock and then roll.
I wasn't looking for the answers,
but they're written in poems.

Promiscuous behavior coursing through my blood,
I've been running from a savior calling out from above.
Promiscuous behavior coursing through my veins,
I've been running from the answers calling out by my name.

The floods are rising up, oh lord.
The floods they roar like thunder.

Forgive me Father,
i've been unworthy,
I've been deceiving,
I've been in sin.

Use me Father,
I give you all of me,
give you everything, giving in.

Forgive me Lord for i'm
disobedient, live for me
and i'm self-obsessed.

Use me Lord for I
give you all of it,
give you everything, every bit.
Track Name: A Wretch Like Me (I Forgive Me)
Salty water, that is chemistry.
The relationship between you and me,
That's all you see.

We got hot, now evaporate.
You are in the pot. and I'm the real hot plate.
I'll set you free.

Tears of black running down your face.
You said "I love you" back, I sang amazing grace.
How sweet the sound.