If I Found Your Wallet, I'd Keep It (Collection of Fears)

by Aaron Leclerc



A collection of songs representing some of my fears.


released February 9, 2015

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Aaron Leclerc.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pretty Face
Sometimes in the night
I get these visions of a girl,
I can't break my staring in her eyes
they're black, and she seems cold.
One quick glance, and I'm sold.
Track Name: Turning Off Guilt
Cities and towns,
teetering stack.
Ground-breaking motion,
seek to attack your own son.

Sound after light,
palming vibrations.
Sweat dripping off,
desperate setting in cold.
Track Name: Lies
I don't need this anymore,
You've been here seen this before.

The places that we choose to sit,
are complacent with the worst of it.

I'm too cool, not enough.
I'm too cool, I'll show you up.
I'm too cool, got so many friends.
I'm too cool, their laughter is canned.
Track Name: A Wretch Like Me (I Forgive Me)
Salty water, that is chemistry.
The relationship between you and me.
That's all you see.

We got hot, now evaporate.
You are in the pot, and I'm the real hot plate.
I'll set you free.

Tears of black running down your face.
You said "I love you back," and I sang "amazing grace,"
How sweet the sound.