Let's Be Friends EP

by Aaron Leclerc

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More relaxed than the debut album, written and recorded in a drastically different manner, Let's Be Friends EP explores a much freer, more personal and emotional side of music.


released May 30, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Aaron Leclerc.



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Track Name: Stars Are Dead Suns
I feel guilty for being lonely,
feel ashamed for being sad.
When you go out to be in public,
it's so hard to be alone.
So hard to be at home.
So hard to be alone.

Whats the way to get contentment?
Something far and out of reach.
it's the stars that are my happy,
something i could never hold
never see it till it's old.
Track Name: The Harder You Try Or Something
It was sometime June.
Restless solitude.
She fled from the room.
Congress meets here soon.

And you won't try anything.

Satan sings, aye-aye.
Neighbors in their graves.
Childish, inner shades.
Clinging to old flames.

And you won't try anything.
And you won't try anything.
Track Name: 3/4
Sit back and relax tonight,
say you're working late tonight,
going back to there again,
the place you said you'd never go again.

Stripping off your dirty clothes,
replacing them with newer clothes,
shower yourself in wooing smells,
but who's it that you're wooing anyway?

Don't seem forward,
life in 3/4.

Talking in your foul tongue,
then singing praises to the son,
play with fire watch it char,
the burning smell is driving them away.

Sitting with your silly friends,
not bothering to talk to them,
they pass you a lit cigarette,
inhale the cancer, blow it all away.

Don't seem forward,
life in 3/4.
Track Name: Betty Harper
Betty Harper grows inside her.